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The Trouble with Scots by Eliza Lloyd

The Trouble with Scots

What I’ve Learned from other writers- Perseverance

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Writing isn’t what I imagined it was when I first started. No, I didn’t expect it to be all bon bons and dictating to a secretary or getting rich on my first book, but I didn’t expect the changes that occur with the publishing business. Over the past twenty years or so that I’ve been writing, the ebook business has emerged and bloomed, self publishing has evolved from a “vanity” business to a thriving avenue for writers, another choice to make. And the “big” publishing houses are no longer the only businesses in town.

I’ll not go into my personal travails that I’ve gone through in my writing career, just suffice it to say, I’ve been around when two of my publishing houses closed down or were bought out. The thing is, my story isn’t that unusual. Other authors, some very well known names, have “closed down” houses, have had…

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On the Road with SCP – Hard Drive Prequel – Tricia Andersen

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Drive (Prequel to the Hard Drive Series)
Release Date: January 19,
Publisher: Sweet Cravings
Publishing (
Contemporary/Sports/Sweet Romance Novel
Rising MMA star Max
Thomas has it all.  When a fight takes a
devastating turn, will it all stay the same?
Fast rising MMA superstar Max Thomas seems to
have it all for a college student – the beautiful girlfriend, the loyal best friend,
the supportive parents and every agent in the area pounding down his door. 

But looks can be deceiving. Tori, his
girlfriend, is more concerned about his career in MMA than about him. Quinn,
his best friend, is jealous of Max’s every move. And is a life in mixed martial
arts what he really wants? 

When Max suffers a devastating injury in the
octagon, will his life and those in it stay by his side as he…

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#Audiobook Review: RETURN OF THE HIGHLAND LAIRD, a Highland Force Novella by Amy Jarecki

Originally posted on BOOKTALK WITH EILEEN:

It continues to rain kilts here at Booktalk with Eileen.  It is such an amazing time in history to read about and even more exciting when you listen to an excellent narration of an entertaining story!

22914123Title:Return of the Highland Laird, A Highland Force Novella
Author: Amy Jarecki
Genre: Historical Romance
Story Setting: Northern England, 1587
Sold By: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Pages: 108

Listening Length: 3 hours, 42 minutes
Narrator: David Gillies
Release Date: December 19, 2014

The Highland Force Series:
1. Captured By The Pirate Laird
2. The Highland Henchman
3. Beauty and The Barbarian
4. Return of The Highland Laird, a novella

An untimely tempest transports two miserable and lost souls to England’s Abbey Wood where they stumble across each other’s paths. Lady Jane, a battered woman and accused murderess—Laird Alexander, fleeing his keep after blaming himself for the accidental death of his wife. …

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Undersold by B.B. Hamel

Attractive young lovers

Love’s Legacy by Joan Avery

Love's Legacy

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